Students Facilities
The College organises seminars on various issues. The teachers and students also participate in seminars and workshops organised by other institutions. Through these, the participants gain knowledge and get exposure to the outside world. Recently a State-level Seminar on “Niche Skill Creation and the Responsibilities of Higher Education” was organised in which eminent academicians, industrialists and entrepreneurs presented their views. Visitors from other colleges were present besides the Sarsuna College family. The Seminar addressed multidimensional issues facing higher education today and opened avenues.
The classrooms are spacious and comfortable with many having LCD projectors and Internet enabled teaching facilities.
The College boasts of a large auditorium and stage where many programmes are held annually.
The College canteen serves substantial and nutritious meals at reasonable prices. It is a favourite rendezvous of students and standards of hygiene are strictly maintained.
Separate common rooms have been provided for boys and girls and there is provision in each for indoor games and other co-curricular activities.
The College provides a cheap store within the campus to enable students to buy stationery at a reasonable price.
The College fronts a large play ground that is used by the institution for all co-curricular activities.
For the benefit of the students, there is a photocopier inside the College campus where reading materials can be photocopied at a low price. There is also a telephone booth.
As per the directives of the University, there is a Complaint Box within the College premises where students can express their views and grievances, if any.
Student – friendly teachers are always available to sort out specific academic problems and personal problems faced by the students.
The College is affiliated to the “Students’ Health Home” established by the University of Calcutta with the main centre at Maulali. Students can get medical facilities and specialised treatment in lieu of an annual subscription of Rs. 4/- (Rupees Four only) per head.
The experienced faculty members act as efficient counselors and are ever eager to guide the students in choosing their careers matching their aptitude, capability and goal. Assistance in placement, whenever needed, will also be provided to the students. The College even makes arrangement for campussing by various industrial organisations. In the year 2010 total 16 students got good jobs from campussing. 14 were employed as System Developer Manager in HDFC Bank, 1 as Network Administrator in HCL and 1 in BPO Sector of Wipro. In 2011 total 16 students join in various sectors i.e. TCS 04, IBM BPO 12. In the year 2012 total 28 students got jobs from campusing, 08 of them in TCS (6 are in waiting list), 04 in WIPRO, 16 of them got chance in SBI LIFE. In future, the authorities fervently wish to emphasis career counseling and campussing.
There is a cycle stand and car parking zone within the college campus where students may keep their conveyances.
There is an elevator, which is used for the benefit of the physically handicapped and the sick .
All students are provided with Students’ Safety Policy under the New India Assurance Company.
The unit makes use of many equipments like a TV set, a VCR, a CD Player, an Overhead Projector, a DVD Player, a Video Camera etc., especially for Film Studies course which includes video film-making and for class lectures, seminars, extension activities and social work
All students are provided with Students’ Safety Policy under the New India Assurance Company.
It has been set up in the College to deal with complaints relating to sexual harassment cases as per UGC guidelines vide the circular No. C/7153 dated 8.02.2005 from the Inspector of Colleges, University of Calcutta and any other grievance relating to academic or non-academic matters within the College.
An Alumni Association has been formed for better understanding and communication among past and present students of this college.
A committee comprising of teacher and non-teaching staff looks into the problems of SC/ST/OBC students
An Iron Removal Plant has been installed for purifying drinking water supply with proper sanitation.
There is a water cooler for students and another for the teaching and non-teaching staff.
College gives book bank facilities to those students who are economically poor having family income less than Rs 2000 per month. Usually, one set of three books is issued for six months against submission of original marksheet of the latest board examination. To avail book bank facilities, students should apply to the Principal, giving details of family income etc, immediately after the issuance of Notice in this regard. All books must be returned within 3 days from the last University examination.
First aid and sick room facilities are provided to all students, teaching and non-teaching staff as and when required.
An Academic Calendar is given to each student free of cost that immensely helps one to understand the structure and distribution of marks of the B.A./B.Sc./B.Com courses at the Part – I, Part – II and Part III University Examinations as per the Calcutta University prescribed norms. The Calendar also gives a clear picture of the class test and selection test schedules of each subject and both Honours and General courses throughout the current academic year, commencing from July and ending at June.

  Poor and meritorious students, having regular attendance and good performance in1the periodical and annual examinations are provided with financial assistance from Students’ Welfare Fund and Students Aid Fund and Fund of the Teachers’ Council. There are committees formed by the Governing Body, with students, non-teaching staff and teaching staff as members to look into the process of selection and distribution of available fund.

  Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe Scholarship / Stipend is granted by the Director of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Welfare from the Office of the Special Officer, S.C. & S.T. Welfare, New Treasury Building, Alipore, Calcutta – 27. Prescribed application forms are available from the College office after admission

  Concessions in Tuition Fees in the form of Half-Free studentship are awarded to a limited number of students of the College who are in acute financial hardship. For this purpose, printed application forms are issued from the College office every year following notification by the Principal

  College prizes are awarded to students who secure the highest marks in every Honours subject, B. A. (General), B. Sc (General), B. Com (General) in final University Examinations

  pecial prize of a book grant worth Rs. 2500/- and scholarship of Rs 200/- month for a period of 2 years (provided he or she be a student of Post-Graduation) is awarded to a student ranking 1st in University Examination.

  Special prize of a book grant worth Rs.1000/- and scholarship of Rs. 100/- month for a period of 2 years (provided he or she be a student of Post-Graduation) is awarded to a student ranking between 2nd and 10th in University Examination.

  Certificates, prizes and medals are also awarded to students on the basis of their performances in various Departmental Seminars, Sports and Talent Hunt Competitions.

  Teacher’s Council Prizes are awarded to students who secure the highest marks in B.Sc. (Hons.), B.A. (Hons.) and B.Com (Hons.) in University Examination.

  Debapriya Sengupta Memorial Scholarship is awarded by Smt. Indira Sengupta in memory of her son to a college student securing highest marks in Computer Science (Hons.), in University Examination from this College.

  Late Santosh Kumar Banerjee Memorial Award donated by Dr. Dipendra Banerjee, younger son of Late Santosh Kumar Banerjee is awarded to a student, securing highest marks among the College students in English in University final Examination.

  Late Anurupa Roy Chowdhury (mother of Sri Prabir Roy Chowdhury & Sri Pranay Roy Chowdhury) Memorial Award to a student for securing highest marks in Microbiology in University Final Examination among the College students.